Search engine for smart data - unfold the value of your data by combining the simplicity of keyword search with the precision of database queries


GraphScope interprets users' keyword queries. Semantic technologies and advanced algorithms recognize the data structure and schema, and return relevant results within seconds.


GraphScope helps users scope it out. Whereas regular text search engines return lists of thousands of hits, GraphScope targets the relevant data and finds focused, precise results.


GraphScope helps users find the information they need in seconds, and allows them to focus on their goals instead of wasting time on searching for the right data.

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To the user, GraphScope looks and acts just like a common search engine - users can type their keyword searches into a standard search box. However, under the hood, GraphScope is different. GraphScope uses advanced algorithms to interpret keyword queries. The diagram below depicts the GraphScope technology in more detail.

GraphScope Technology

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Answers at your fingertips - use simple keyword searches, discover connections and target results

Just keywords, no more SPARQL

Users do not need to be SPARQL experts to leverage the power of graph data. Simple keyword queries are sufficient to exploit relationships between data and find relevant information.

Simple interface

A search box, something every user is familiar with, represents the interface for every new search. GraphScope understands users’ requests and provides feedback on how their searches were interpreted. Additionally, users can easily alter their requests.

Engages everybody

GraphScope enables everybody to search through the data graph, not just IT experts. Users gain deep insights into the knowledge captured by their data.

In-memory data synopsis

GraphScope builds on an in-memory datasynopsis that comprises a compact representation of the data structure and content.

Graph algorithms

GraphScope uses its own advanced and specialized graph algorithms to compute relevant paths and to discover relationships in the data.

Statistical analysis

Statistical graph analysis is employed by GraphScope to compute characteristics of the data and speed up processing.


GraphScope is fully integrated into our end-to-end platform for creating and utilizing enterprise knowledge graphs, metaphactory. metaphactory offers capabilities and features to support the entire lifecycle of dealing with knowledge graphs and building applications on top.

Knowledge Graph Backend

metaphactory delivers scalable data processing, an easy-to-use interface, high-performance querying and analytics, built-in inferencing and custom services, as well as standard connectors for a variety of data formats.

Knowdledge Graph Creation

The platform supports the semi-automatic creation of knowledge graphs, curation and interlinking of data from heterogeneous sources, collaborative management and authoring, data annotation, as well as custom query and templates catalogs.

Knowledge Graph Applications

Leveraging metaphactory's Web components for user friendly presentation and interaction, interactive visualization functionalities and rich semantic search features, customers can rapidly develop end-user oriented applications on top.


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