Leveraging Knowledge Graphs in the Life Sciences with metaphactory (based on COVID-19 data)

Life Sciences organizations are challenged today with significant data access problems as most of the data required to achieve their goals - for example in drug discovery pipelines - is located in numerous, heterogeneous and disparate data sources, inside and outside of the company. In this context, Knowledge Graphs become increasingly important in the Life Sciences domain, to structure, access, and analyze the vast amount of data and knowledge available. metaphactory is a low-code F.A.I.R. Data platform that supports Knowledge Graph management, rapid development of domain-specific Knowledge Graph applications, and intuitive, end-user oriented interaction.

In this video, you can find out how metaphactory can be used in the Life Sciences domain to support data integration, search, visualization, and exploration. The video explores COVID-19 data in a Knowledge Graph: pandemic information, disease symptoms, affected countries, affected people, etc.