metaphacts presenting at ResearchSpace Cultural Heritage Symposium

ResearchSpace LogoJune 14, 2017 - metaphacts CEO Peter Haase will be presenting at the ResearchSpace Symposium taking place July 27-28 at the British Museum in London. The ResearchSpace project aims at developing a collaborative platform for humanities and cultural heritage research using knowledge representation and Semantic Web technologies.

This conference seeks to highlight the challenges for sustainable knowledge building between cultural heritage institutions, universities and other interested audiences. The papers presented at the symposium will introduce principles, techniques and methodologies attempting to provide practical solutions to these challenges.

Register here for the symposium »

metaphacts contributes new dataset to QALD2017 challenge

DIESEL & HOBBIT Logos May 30, 2017 - The three DIESEL project partners – metaphacts, Zazuko and the University of Leipzig – teamed up with the HOBBIT project to provide a new dataset for the QALD7 challenge, which is taking place at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2017. The key challenge for QALD7 – Question Answering over Linked Data – is to translate a user's information needs such that they can be evaluated and answered using standard Semantic Web query processing and inferencing techniques.

The dataset created by the partners serves as the 4th task within the QALD7 challenge. For this task, Wikidata, a public data source, is used as a target repository. The teams taking part in the challenge use Wikidata to answer 100 cross-domain factual questions. The collaboration between the DIESEL and HOBBIT project partners resulted in the creation of the metadata, the set of answers available for each question, as well as SPARQL queries executable over the Wikidata query service. The Docker image holding an installation of the Blazegraph Wikidata query service used for QALD7 can be downloaded here »

Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs – metaphacts Tutorial at ESWC 2017

ESWC 2017 May 18, 2017 - metaphacts founder and CEO Dr. Peter Haase will be holding a tutorial at the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) taking place in Portoroz, Slovenia on May 28-June 1. The ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies.

The tutorial "Getting Started with Knwoledge Graphs" will be held on the afternoon of May 29th and will cover the fundamentals of knowledge graphs and present specific examples of application areas. In hands-on exercises attendees will get the chance to experience metaphacts' knowledge graph platform firsthand and create a small, but real knowledge graph, covering the entire lifecycle including integration and interlinking of existing sources, authoring, visualization, querying and search.

To learn more about the tutorial, please visit

To register for our ESWC tutorial, please visit

We look forward to seeing you at ESWC! To schedule a meeting with Peter during the event, please write him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

metaphacts has moved to new offices

March 31, 2017 - We are happy to announce that we have relocated to new office spaces in Walldorf, Germany. As of April 1st 2017, our offices are located at

Daimlerstraße 36
69190 Walldorf

All other contact information including phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

"metaphacts is growing rapidly and we are excited about our new offices which provide us with a great space for expanding.", commented Peter Haase, CEO of metaphacts.

metaphacts is looking to add highly skilled and experienced software developers for enterprise knowledge graphs and web developers to the team. For further details on our job openings, please contact metaphacts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Geomarketing driven by Knowledge Graphs - metaphacts at CeBIT 2017

CeBIT 2017 March 15, 2017 - As a member of the GEISER consortium, metaphacts will be exhibiting and showcasing its solution for data-driven geomarketing at CeBiT 2017, held in Hannover, Germany on March 20-24.

As part of the GEISER project and in collaboration with YellowMap, the Frauenhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems and the University of Leipzig, metaphacts has developed an innovative system where geospatial data is used as raw material for intelligent, location-based services. The system delivers great promise for supporting small and medium-sized businesses and retailers in linking sensor data with Social Media data, Open Data, forums, websites and internal customer data, so as to improve their advertising and marketing strategies.

A concrete use case where Twitter data is abstracted and contextualized through the integration with the Wikidata Knowledge graph, so as to enable businesses to formulate precise information needs and conduct accurate queries, will be showcased at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy booth at CeBIT. In this particular use case, small and medium-sized businesses are able to identify the events taking place in a given region and during a particular timeframe, and, thus, can create targeted advertising campaigns for these events. To learn more about data-driven geomarketing please visit our use case page »

To learn more about metaphacts and our solutions, visit us at CeBIT at booth C40 in hall 6! We look forward to seeing you there! To schedule a meeting during the event, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ResearchSpace Public System

ResearchSpace Public System

January 23, 2017 - metaphacts and the ResearchSpace consortium recently released a public system showcasing the powerful semantic search functionalities delivered by the ResearchSpace platform.

ResearchSpace, a British Museum project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, builds on the metaphactory platform and leverages Semantic Web technologies to deliver a comprehensive solution for cultural heritage research.

The public system can be reached at It features a preview of the tools delivered by the ResearchSpace platform and will be extended in the future to make additional tools publicly available, such as Geo-search, semantic clipboarding, semantic annotation and assertion representation. A guided tour introduces users to the system and supports them in performing and visualizing a complex query using the intuitive ResearchSpace search interface.

“We see great potential for ResearchSpace to help tackle the challenges encountered by researchers in the cultural heritage domain and are really excited to have this public system provide users with a first taste of what our solution can do”, commented Dr. Peter Haase, CEO at metaphacts.

To learn more about ResearchSpace and our solution for the cultural heritage domain please access our solution page »

Getting Started With Knowledge Graphs - metaphacts Tutorial at Smart Data 2017

Smart Data Conference 2017 October 17, 2016 - Dr. Peter Haase, Founder and CEO of metaphacts, will be presenting at the Smart Data Conference held in San Francisco on January 30-February 1, 2017. Smart Data Conference is a leading industry event focusing on semantic technologies, cognitive computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automated reasoning and decision-making systems and deep learning.

Peter's presentation "Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs" will take place on Monday, January 30 at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm and will cover the fundamentals of knowledge graphs and present specific examples for various application areas, such as life sciences and cultural heritage. During hands-on exercises, attendees will get insights into the metaphacts Knowledge Graph platform and will be walked through the process of creating real knowledge graphs. This will cover the entire lifecycle including integration and interlinking of existing sources, authoring, visualization, querying and search.

We look forward to seeing you at Smart Data Conference 2017 in San Francisco! To schedule a meeting with Peter during the event, please write him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blazegraph and metaphacts sponsoring ISWC 2016

August 4, 2016 - Blazegraph and metaphacts are sponsoring the International Semantic Web Conference 2016.

ISWC 2016 is the premier international forum for the Semantic Web / Linked Data Community. Here, scientists, industry specialists, and practitioners meet to discuss the future of practical, scalable, user-friendly, and game changing solutions using semantic technologies.

Peter Haase, founder and CEO of metaphacts, will be attending and presenting metaphacts at the conference. It's his 13th ISWC in a row, since 2004 ;-) Send him an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to meet up with him.

Blazegraph GPU promises extreme scaling and is 100x faster

Blazegraph GPU March 29, 2016 - The memory bandwidth advantages of GPUs provide a great way to accelerate data-intensive analytics and graph analytics in particular. Graph query and iterative graph analytics has demonstrated significant speedups over CPU-based approaches. metaphacts contributed to the development of Blazegraph GPU - a system that exploits the main-memory bandwidth advantages of GPU in order to provide extreme scaling that is 100s of times faster and 40X more affordable, 10,000X faster than disk-based, and 100s of times faster CPU main memory-based approaches. This technology is called Mapgraph and it is being productized into the Blazegraph family of products as Blazegraph-GPU and Blazegraph-DASL using familiar high-level APIs for graphs.
Learn more about Blazegraph GPU
Learn more about GPUs for Graph and Predictive Analytics

Rhein-Neckar Smart Data Meetup

December 5, 2015 - metaphacts will be presenting at the inaugural meetup of the Rhein-Neckar Smart Data Meetup on December 9, 2015 in Heidelberg. Dr. Peter Haase, CEO and founder of metaphacts, will give a presentation on "Smart Data Applications powered by the Wikidata Knowledge Graph".
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