Smart solutions for identifying compatible components – Powered by metaphactory and RDFox

This knowledge graph-based application for configuration management developed on top of metaphactory and RDFox allows support engineers, product managers, technical planners, or technical maintenance specialists to:

  • Quickly evaluate hundreds of components such as motors, gears, switches, power supplies and controllers, and their individual characteristics.
  • Determine compatibility and find configuration solutions that solve very specific customer needs or maintenance requests, while staying within a predefined budget.

With metaphactory and RDFox you can replace time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with fast and intelligent recommendations. The solution helps you:

  • Find configuration solutions
  • Reuse existing components
  • Stay within budget
  • Ensure compliance with standards
  • Find data you need without IT help

To learn more about this solution you can download our executive brief or our whitepaper »