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Beyond FAIR Data: Consumable Knowledge for R&D Innovation


Sebastian Schmidt, Sabine Schefzick


This talk from the Pistoia Alliance Spring Conference summarizes Pfizer's Knowledge Graph journey and highlights their lessons learned. By leveraging Knowledge Graph technology to make R&D data FAIR, Pfizer can surface actionable and meaningful insights and make knowledge accessible to and consumable by domain users. Built on top of metaphactory - a low-code Knowledge Graph platform, Pfizer's SCAI Dash (Science & Clinical Analytics and Informatics Dashboard) helps accelerate R&D data discovery and understanding. It supports data scientists, researchers, scientists, and clinical and project leads in bringing medicine to the market faster.


Featured Topics

  • Making knowledge accessible and consumable to domain users through an application powered by Knowledge Graphs utilizing FAIR Data Principles
  • Building an intuitive and interactive end-user interface for exploration and discovery
  • Showcasing the power of Knowledge Graphs for bridging the gap between research and development

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Plan their next steps for their Knowledge Graph journey to accelerate R&D data discovery
  • Define an iterative and agile process for building a user experience that enables collaboration and adjusts as their Knowledge Graph grows from one to many use cases
  • Demonstrate the power of Knowledge Graphs to decisions makers to gain traction/buy-in for their initiatives