Decision Intelligence through Knowledge Democratization

metaphactory supports collaborative knowledge modeling & knowledge generation & enables on-demand citizen access to consumable, contextual & actionable knowledge

What we do

With metaphactory you fast-track your Knowledge Graph journey and drive enterprise-wide knowledge democratization.

Empower end users to experience & consume data in context

metaphactory abstracts from the underlying complexity of a Knowledge Graph and allows you and your users to consume data intuitively and in context and connect the dots between individual pieces of information.


Improve data literacy through meaningful and actionable insights

A Knowledge Graph provides a machine-understandable view of your data; metaphactory makes that view human-understandable through intuitive exploration, search and visualization interfaces that deliver actionable insights.


Collaborate across user groups & capture hidden expert knowledge

With metaphactory, business users, domain experts, application engineers and knowledge graph engineers can contribute to the semantic model, transforming data into reusable and company-wide available knowledge.


Build Knowledge Graph apps that allow you to adapt as you go

metaphactory accelerates your time-to-market for new digital services and products by allowing you to start with a targeted business case, iterate often and extend the use case, semantic model and data sources on the fly.


Week 2-4

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Data & model-driven
Quick results
Fast iterations
Low maintenance
End user involvement

Proven technology

Fast time-to-market for a Knowledge Graph-based Turbine Spare Parts Management App


The key advantage of metaphactory was that we could easily visualize our data during development for early feedback from the business allowing data quality improvements, and fast and target-focused development of our data model and application.

Paul Zolnowski

Section Lead - Post Documentation, Siemens Energy

March 2019

First demo by metaphacts

April 2019

Development installation at Siemens Energy

May 2019

Onboarding of first business users

June 2019

Production instance goes live for all users

Ever since

New data sources, updates & agile iterations

Your benefits

reduction in project runtime

  • Data collection & integration is automated based on rules & constraints in the Knowledge Graph
  • The reusability of existing data & findings accelerates new projects & time-to-market for new business solutions
  • Tedious & error-prone manual steps are eliminated allowing end users to focus on value-adding tasks
more likely to identify efforts that would duplicate previous results
  • Company-wide data fabric improves data literacy and leads to a comprehensive understanding of available data
  • Existing knowledge is visible & accessible to all relevant stakeholders and delivered in use case-driven formats
  • Surfacing existing knowledge allows you to focus on value-adding initiatives & projects
of generated data is directly transformed into knowledge available enterprise-wide
  • Data becomes meaningful & actionable knowledge that can drive forecasts, prediction, and decisions
  • Information is at the fingertips of employees and streamlines daily tasks
  • Solution deployment boosts productivity & supports mission-critical business decisions

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