Our mission

Accelerate customers' Knowledge Graph journey & help them drive decision intelligence through knowledge democratization

metaphacts is a Germany-based company delivering metaphactory - a platform that empowers customers to accelerate their knowledge graph journey and drive knowledge democratization, improve data literacy and reach smarter business decisions with data.

The metaphacts team offers unmatched experience and know-how around enterprise knowledge graphs for our clients in areas such as pharma and life sciences, engineering and manufacturing, energy, finance, business, and cultural heritage.

metaphacts team

Sebastian Schmidt
Sebastian SchmidtChief Executive Officer
Dr. Peter Haase
Dr. Peter HaaseFounder & Chief Scientific Officer
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Herzig-Sommer
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Herzig-SommerChief Operating Officer
Irina Schmidt
Irina SchmidtChief Marketing Officer
Johannes Trame
Johannes TrameProduct Manager
Yury Emelyanov
Yury EmelyanovDirector of Engineering
Dmitry Pavlov
Dmitry PavlovDirector of Customer Success
Kai Preuss
Kai PreussSolutions & Sales Director
Wolfgang Schell
Wolfgang SchellPrincipal Software Architect
Andreas Schwarte
Andreas SchwartePrincipal Software Engineer
Linn Aung
Linn AungSoftware Engineer
Tamara Beiler
Tamara BeilerMarketing & Graphic Design Manager
Abhinandan Bhaskara
Abhinandan BhaskaraTechnical Consultant (e)
Dr. Germán Braun
Dr. Germán BraunTechnical Consultant (e)
Rosnayi Ciftci
Rosnayi CiftciOffice Assistance
Dr. Ademar Crotti
Dr. Ademar CrottiPrincipal Technical Consultant
Aaron Eberhart
Aaron EberhartResearch Engineer
Simon Heiß
Simon HeißJunior Software Engineer
Dr. Samaneh Jozashoori
Dr. Samaneh JozashooriTechnical Consultant
Thomas Kaminski
Thomas KaminskiPre-Sales Engineer
Ilija Kocev
Ilija KocevTechnical Consultant
Dr. Liubov Kovriguina
Dr. Liubov KovriguinaResearch Engineer
Pauline Leoncio
Pauline LeoncioContent Marketing Manager
Yuha Lee
Yuha LeeJunior Software Engineer
Salma Loussaief
Salma LoussaiefSenior Technical Consultant
Gaurav Mukherjee
Gaurav MukherjeeTechnical Consultant
Sergei Nikiforov
Sergei NikiforovSoftware Engineer
José Ortiz
José OrtizTechnical Consultant (e)
Magali Piterman
Magali PitermanUX/UI Designer
Dr. Simon Scerri
Dr. Simon ScerriPrincipal Technical Consultant
Stefan Schmitt
Stefan SchmittPrincipal Software Engineer
José Segarra
José SegarraTechnical Consultant (e)
Dr. Vitalis Wiens
Dr. Vitalis WiensResearch Engineer

Goals for a sustainable future

The data we need to make our world better is there. We believe that exposing this data as Linked Data and actively driving knowledge democratization can lead to pre-competitive knowledge sharing across companies, organizations, NGOs, non-profits, and industries. The positive impact on society and the environment would be extraordinary.

With our product metaphactory, we promote this vision and provide one of the missing pieces that can help make sense of the data chaos - an interface that helps connect the dots for humans and for machines. As part of this endeavour, we also support numerous projects driven by non-profit organizations or institutions in the academic world by providing free access to our software for their sustainability efforts.

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