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metaphactory allows customers across diverse industries to rapidly build data-driven, end-user facing applications that match their individual needs.


A graph implementation really allowed us to be agile and rapidly change our data schema as we needed to. The advantage of metaphactory was that the frontend could adapt quickly to changes.


Department Director

American multinational pharmaceutical corporation

Pharma & Life Sciences

metaphactory supports customers in Pharma & Life Sciences in their digital transformation journey by allowing them to quickly build a cross-data source and cross-departmental data fabric for domain experts & business users. By tapping the full potential of existing internal and external data sources and making knowledge available and accessible company-wide, you can drive research and innovation, accelerate the delivery of new products, boost productivity and support mission-critical business decisions.


Engineering & Manufacturing

metaphactory supports customers in their digitalization strategy towards intelligent engineering and manufacturing by allowing them to extend data silos with domain-specific models, connect individual data islands, and analyze the integrated data, thus transforming passive data into new, smart knowledge. It generates business value by significantly increasing transparency, reducing redundancy, improving internal processes, and reducing the time required to find and analyze information and reach smart business decisions.

The key advantage of metaphactory was that we could easily visualize our data during development for early feedback from the business allowing data quality improvements, and fast and target-focused development of our data model and application.


Paul Zolnowski

Section Lead - Post Documentation, Siemens Energy


The Knowledge Graph application built with metaphactory is at the cornerstone of our global data strategy and allows us to manage our data as a strategic asset. It enables our global users to intuitively interact with the data available to them through pre-built data lenses that provide embedded insights and deliver a consistent user experience.


Product Owner, Global Data Strategy

International financial services provider

Financial Services

metaphactory supports customers in the finance, banking and insurance sector by allowing them to build cross-functional data sharing platforms. The resulting end-user applications provide a 360° view on customer data and can support cross-departmental information exchange, portfolio management, sales and product lifecycle management, and automate processes such as sales forecasting, segmentation and personalized sales, fraud detection, resource allocation, and operational planning.


Cultural Heritage

Based on our open platform metaphactory, we have built a domain-optimized solution for search, annotation and visualization. The solution aims at providing a collaborative platform for humanities and cultural heritage research using semantic knowledge representation and Semantic Web technologies. It tackles the challenges faced by art historians, curators, conservators, and scientists on a daily basis, and supports them in authoring and publishing cultural heritage data.

Building a connected knowledge graph was an incredibly smooth process with metaphactory, which enabled us to integrate data from multiple heterogenous data sources. Not only that, but we were also able to interact with the integrated data almost immediately, which allowed us to quickly iterate over our data model and the actual data we wanted to expose to end users.


Data Scientist

Cultural Heritage Institution

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