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We offer a variety of courses & certification paths to help you advance your Knowledge Graph project.

Learning paths

The metaphacts Academy currently offers three main learning tracks to support you in advancing your Knowledge Graph project:

» Track 1. Building Knowledge Graph Applications
» Track 2. Building Models for Domain Experts
» Track 3. Getting Ready for Production

Track 1 consists of a series of modules that build on top of each other to further develop your skills. Further modules will be added in the future for Tracks 2 and 3.

Additionally, we offer a set of foundational trainings that provide an introduction to the Semantic Technology Stack in case you need to familiarize yourself with Knowledge Graph concepts and standards.


To validate your skills, we offer three certification levels for Track 1 and Track 2:

» Associate Level: Knowledge Graph Application Engineer (Associate) and Knowledge Graph Engineer (Associate)
» Advanced Level: Knowledge Graph Solution Architect (Advanced)
» Expert Level: Knowledge Graph Solution Architect (Expert)

The certifications are optional and free-of-charge upon the successful completion of the corresponding training module.

There are no certifications available for the metaphactory Basics module, for the modules in Track 3 or for the foundational trainings.

Training Modules

metaphactory Basics

This training module covers the basics of Knowledge Graph technologies and introduces you to Knowledge Graph search, exploration and navigation using metaphactory.


  • Knowledge Graph Foundations
  • Out-of-the-box metaphactory features
  • Knowledge Graph Search, Exploration & Navigation

App-building Basics

This training module covers platform customization topics and provides an overview of the most important elements for building Knowledge Graph applications for data visualization and discovery.


  • Templates & Customization
  • Visualization components
  • Events


Certification level:

Knowledge Graph Application Engineer (Associate)

App-building Advanced

This training module covers advanced features for creating and managing templates, as well as interactions involving multiple components.


  • App packing and lifecycle
  • Intro to data authoring, search framework, federation, security & permissions, extensions


Certification level:

Knowledge Graph Application Engineer (Advanced)


This training module provides a deep-dive into configuring search interfaces and search results.


  • Search framework
  • Keyword search & Structured search
  • Facet filtering
  • Lookup Service
  • Result visualization



Certification level:

Knowledge Graph Solution Architect (Expert)

Data authoring

This training module focuses on creating forms for data authoring and editing, and provides an overview of how forms are used in data curation workflows.


  • Forms & auto-generated forms
  • Outlook for visual editing
  • Workflows



Certification level:

Knowledge Graph Solution Architect (Expert)


This training module focuses on the setup and querying of external data sources to augment the knowledge graph beyond the main graph database.


  • Ephedra & FedX
  • Rest API
  • SQL



Certification level:

Knowledge Graph Solution Architect (Expert)

Platform extensions

This training module covers the development of custom extension for custom UI or backend requirements.


  • App packing and deployment
  • Frontend extensions as custom components in JS
  • Backend extensions in Java



Certification level:

Knowledge Graph Solution Architect (Expert)

Visual modeling - ontology & vocabulary

This training module covers the creation and management of OWL ontologies and SKOS taxonomies and vocabularies with metaphactory.

  • Vocabulary & Taxonomy
  • Ontology
  • Versioning



Certification level:

Knowledge Graph Engineer (Associate)


This training module covers the deployment and configuration of metaphactory for production setups.


  • Docker deployment
  • Prod-QA-DEV setup, Git storage
  • Connecting to graph databases
  • Single-Sign-On

Custom training

A training for your custom topic can be arranged upon request.

Foundational Trainings

Knowledge Graph Concepts & Standards


This training module provides an overview of the RDF data model and the use of the SPARQL query language with metaphactory.

  • RDF triples, Named Graphs
  • SPARQL query forms
  • Outlook RDF-star, SPARQL-star


This training module covers ontology modelling with OWL and the creation of SHACL constraints using metaphactory.


  • Classes, Properties
  • OWL in RDF syntax
  • SHACL node shapes

Training Logistics

Two-hour training modules split into two 45-minute sections
Trainer-led sessions with lots of examples and guidance
Interactive learning experience with hands-on exercises
Training instances prepared, hosted and maintained by metaphacts
Slides and exercise material provided for personal use and recap after training
Training packages consisting of several modules are scheduled to guarantee sufficient practice time in-between sessions

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