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Visual modeling basics module


In this module, you'll learn to create, contribute to and democratize knowledge within your organization by using metaphactory's semantic knowledge modeling, and ontology and vocabulary modeling to create a common understanding of domain data. The Visual modeling basics module explores the interlinking of ontologies and vocabularies to foster collaboration, communication and documentation.


Learning outcome

 Throughout this guided tutorial, you will learn:


» How to manage ontologies and vocabularies in metaphactory. 

» How to create, explore and use vocabularies to work with controlled terminologies. 

» How to create, explore and use ontologies covering your use-case domain. 

» How to interlink ontologies and vocabularies in the context of your use case.

Course structure

Vocabulary & taxonomy management

»  Exploring vocabularies

»  Creating a new vocabulary

»  Editing metadata 

»  Creating & importing terms 

»  Creating collections

Visual ontology modeling

»  Exploring ontologies

»  Creating a new ontology

»  Editing metadata

»  Creating classes, attributes and relations

»  Reusing ontologies 

»  Connecting a class in an ontology with a controlled vocabulary


»  Managing instances

»  Model-driven data validation

»  Git versioning

»  Importing & exporting assets

Module summary

»  Module highlights

»  Next steps

What to expect

Complete each module in two 45-min. segments
Virtual trainer-led sessions with examples & guidance
Interactive learning with hands-on exercises
Training instances prepared, hosted & maintained by metaphacts
Slides & exercise material provided to you after training
Ample practice time in-between training modules

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