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1. module - metaphactory basics


This metaphactory Basics module provides an introductory overview of metaphactory and showcases how innovative knowledge graph-based apps facilitate intuitive data exploration, search and visualization. These tools transform your data into knowledge, which can be shared across the organization and empower intelligent decision-making.


Learning outcome

Throughout this guided tutorial, you will learn:


» How knowledge graphs can be applied to business use cases. 
» How to browse a knowledge graph. 
» How to use out-of-box components to search and visualize data. 
» Which customizations are possible and can be included in use-case specific apps.

Course structure

Exploring knowledge graphs

»  Exploring knowledge graphs through search

»  Exploring knowledge graphs visually

»  Exploring knowledge graphs using pathfinder

Extending knowledge graphs

»  Instance data management

»  Visual instance authoring


Fostering data literacy

»  Browsing ontologies

»  Browsing vocabularies

»  Browsing instance data


Ensuring data quality

»  Using ontologies to validate data

»  Using custom test cases to validate data

»  Exploring the results of validation reports


Building a simple user interface template

»  Creating a table

»  Creating a chart

»  Creating a form

Module summary

»  Module highlights

»  Next steps

What to expect

Complete each module in two 45-min. segments
Virtual trainer-led sessions with examples & guidance
Interactive learning with hands-on exercises
Training instances prepared, hosted & maintained by metaphacts
Slides & exercise material provided to you after training
Ample practice time in-between training modules

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