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App building advanced module


After completing the metaphactory App Building Basics, you are ready to take your use of metaphactory a step further and explore its advanced app features and capabilities. This App Building Advanced module dives into creating advanced features for templating and interactions involving multiple components, including forms and the semantic search framework.


Learning outcome

Throughout this guided tutorial, you will learn:


» How to configure the security layer for application access and permission control. 

» How lightweight applications can be deployed along with the platform. 

» How to use semantic forms to create advanced authoring forms. 

» How to create and customize search configurations. 

» How to augment knowledge graphs using data from multiple sources.

Course structure

Security & permissions

»  Exploring roles & validating permissions

»  Creating users with pre-defined roles

»  Composing roles with reusable role fragments

App packing & lifecycle

»  Apps & storages

»  Anatomy of a metaphactory setup

»  App mechanism & architecture

»  Infrastructure management (logs, repository configuration, federation)


»  Extending a knowledge graph using Wikidata

Advanced data authoring

»  Creating a manual form

»  Adding contraints to form fields

»  Using query patterns in form fields


Semantic search framework

»  Creating a search configuration using the wizard

»  Creating a custom search configuration

»  Adding custom facets

»  Customizing results visualization

Module summary

»  Module highlights

»  Next steps

What to expect

Complete each module in two 45-min. segments
Virtual trainer-led sessions with examples & guidance
Interactive learning with hands-on exercises
Training instances prepared, hosted & maintained by metaphacts
Slides & exercise material provided to you after training
Ample practice time in-between training modules

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