As a leader in the world of Knowledge Graphs, metaphacts believes a strong partner ecosystem is key to customer satisfaction and success. We partner with other leaders in the industry and strive to provide customers of all sizes and across all industries with excellent end-to-end solutions and services.



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Amazon Neptune is a new, fast, reliable and scalable graph database service. metaphactory provides added value to Amazon Neptune for knowledge graph management, visualisations, rapid application building and end-user oriented interactions with graph data. metaphactory has been validated on Amazon Neptune. metaphactory and Amazon Neptune are being successfully used in productive environments in the Engineering & Manufacturing and Government sectors.
GraphDB Logo Ontotext Logo
GraphDB is a Semantic graph database engine combined with content and data analytics solutions. GraphDB was developed by Ontotext, an established Bulgarian AI technology company, and allows you to link diverse data, index it for semantic search and enrich it via text analysis to build big knowledge graphs. metaphactory on top of GraphDB is being used productively in the News & Media sector, as well as for various research projects.
RDFox Logo Oxford Semantic Technologies Logo
RDFox is a main-memory, highly scalable, centralised RDF store which leverages the properties of modern computer architecture and C++ to deliver high performance parallel datalog reasoning and SPARQL query answering. Its speed provides a richer user experience which is well suited to responsive applications. It is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. metaphactory has been validated on RDFox.

RDFox is developed by Oxford Semantic Technologies, a spin out from the University of Oxford backed by leading investors including Samsung Ventures and Oxford Sciences Innovation.
Stardog Logo
Stardog is a leading knowledge graph database that allows large enterprises to connect, query, and retrieve data of all structures, schemas, and velocities. metaphactory has been validated on top of Stardog. The bundle is currently being used productively in sectors such as Pharma & Life Sciences, Engineering & Manufacturing, and Finance & Insurance.


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AWS Logo
metaphacts is a Select tier APN Technology Partner.

metaphactory is available on AWS Marketplace for AMI-based deployment under different licensing models. metaphactory can be deployed on AWS Marketplace on top of Amazon Neptune or any other SPARQL 1.1 compliant database.
Netlution Logo
Netlution provides managed services and operations and supplies customers with flexibly adaptable service concepts and methods to deliver the best solutions for demanding IT services. As a metaphacts partner, Netlution currently provides management and operations services for metaphactory customers in the Cultural Heritage and Humanities domains.


DataLens Logo
DataLens delivers a simple, scalable platform to integrate data into any Graph Database. metaphactory uses DataLens as a data integration layer to connect to and manage distributed data sources. metaphactory and DataLens have been successfully implemented in customer environments in the Life Sciences and Financial sectors.
Studio NAND Logo
Studio NAND is a design studio in Berlin focused on designing cutting-edge user interfaces that make data actionable and translate it into award-winning information interfaces. Studio NAND supports metaphactory customers in multiple industries by designing unique, user-oriented interfaces that create powerful user experiences.


Rancho BioSciences
Rancho BioSciences is an international company offering Data Curation and Analysis services to clients in Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Foundations, Government and Hospitals. metaphacts and Rancho BioServices collaborate on a number of projects where Rancho's data curation and analysis services are integrated on top of metaphactory.
OntoChem Logo
OntoChem offers high performance and highly customizable text analysis and data mining products that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of every client. Joint customers in the Pharma & Life Sciences sector use the OntoChem life science taxonomies, ontologies and datasets, as well as its text analysis / NLP tooling to integrate into metaphactory and build domain-specific applications on top.


StreamPipes Logo FZI Logo
Apache StreamPipes delivers a self-service (Industrial) IoT toolbox to enable non-technical users to connect, analyze and explore IoT data streams. Apache StreamPipes was started by the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and is an effort currently undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology is a non-profit institution for applied research in information technology and technology transfer. Its task is to provide businesses and public institutions with the latest research findings in information technology. The FZI leverages Apache StreamPipes to provide data integration services for metaphacts customers in the Engineering & Manufacturing sector.


Advance Services Logo
AdvanceServices is a high-tech level enterprise that is activate in the domain of designing, developing and supporting services and applications for a) the adoption of blockchain based solutions to manage data and digital assets and b) the aggregation, integration, linking and analysis of semantic big data. As a metaphacts consulting partner, AdvanceServices Data Solutions is currently supporting customers in the Cultural Heritage and Humanities domains by providing data normalization, data integration and data transformation services, as well as conducting implementations of metaphacts products.


imidia Logo
imidia is a modern data management company, focused on business transformation through the use of data. They leverage deep expertise and an iterative approach to drive business value from customers' data. imidia supports metaphactory customers in Retail, Hospitality, CPG, Oil & Gas and Healthcare with services and expertise around Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Integration and Data Analytics.


Semantic Partners Logo
Semantic Partners is a network of experienced Data Engineers who love using the power of Semantic Tech to break the boundaries of data-silos and give you the insights you've been yearning for. Organizations have spent years building out data warehouses and data lakes and trying to get a view of what's happening. metaphacts takes a different approach, enabling organizations to build Knowledge Graph solutions that connect the dots between data points. Semantic Partners works closely with the metaphacts team to advise on and implement these solutions for our joint customers.

Semantic Partners has three pillars to the business:
  • Graph systems implementation with selected vendor partners
  • Semantic Engineering training
  • Custom semantic engineering projects

metaphacts is a Select tier APN Technology Partner. metaphacts participated in the closed beta program for Amazon Neptune and was a launch partner for Amazon Linux 2.

Our research activities were honored by the German Stifterverband for Sciences with the "Innovative through research" seal of approval.


metaphacts is a collaborator in the Consortium for Open Research Data in the Humanities. The consortium is committed to harmonizing data standards and infrastructures to facilitate interoperability and the cross-pollination of research data.

metaphacts is a member of CyberForum, the largest hightech business network in Europe. CyberForum provides a networking platform with the direct connection to competence, business contacts and career prospects.

metaphacts is a member of the German Digital Technologies platform. The platform serves as a dynamic directory for experts in administration, business, and research and provides a comprehensive overview of key German initiatives, programmes, stakeholders, and strategies in the evolving digital technologies arena.

metaphacts is a member of the Karlsruhe Artificial Intelligence Hub within the Digital Hub Initiative led by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. With the Digital Hub Initiative, Germany is strengthening its position as the world's leading digital ecosystem and an attractive digital location.

metaphacts is a full member of the BDVA - Big Data Value Association. The BDVA is an industry-driven international not–for-profit organisation. Its mission is to develop an Innovation Ecosystem to enable data and AI-driven digital transformation in Europe, deliver maximum economic and societal benefit, and achieve and sustain Europe's leadership on Big Data Value creation and Artificial Intelligence.