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Enterprise Data Fabric at an American multinational biopharmaceutical company


As part of an enterprise-wide initiative to provide democratized, fluid, and connected data that drive business insights and decisions, this American multinational biopharmaceutical company uses metaphactory to deliver access to consumable and meaningful knowledge across systems and organizational boundaries.


By embracing a data-centric culture and adopting a semantic graph approach, the customer's enterprise data fabric promotes the re-use of data and drives convergence in the end-user analytics experience. Using this approach, end-user solutions are designed to use shared business-oriented data with well-defined meaning and linkages, while data is shared across individual applications.


This type of connected data fuels diverse insights that reveal dependencies between functions and processes - spanning the entire value chain from research and clinical trials, through production, to marketing and distribution - and is used as a basis for critical business decisions.


To learn more about this customer's journey to building a successful enterprise data fabric, have a look at this presentation by Dan Gschwend, Dir. Data Sciences, given at the 2021 Data-Centric Architecture Forum »