Smart turbine spare parts management at Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy application engineers leveraged metaphactory's low-code approach to build a smart turbine spare parts application that allows turbine service engineers to save thousands of hours on manual effort.

Gas turbines of Siemens Energy are used worldwide in different environments and with customer specific configurations. Managing a broad variety of spare parts and configurations for each turbine is a challenge. metaphactory and Amazon Neptune enabled Siemens Energy to build a Turbine Knowledge Graph and visualize the connections between similar parts across the entire fleet of large gas turbines.

The results

  • Shorter time to market of the business solution through rapid application development
  • Efficient identification and management of spare parts, resulting in higher productivity and yearly time savings of up to 1,500 hours in the first year already
  • Increased business user and customer satisfaction

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Smart turbine spare parts management at Siemens Energy