Data Spaces Symposium 2024

We're excited to be attending this year's edition of the Data Spaces Symposium, as a member of the Graph-Massivizer project.


On March 12 at 12:00 pm CET, metaphacts CEO Sebastian Schmidt will be participating in a panel discussion on navigating the future of data monetization and sharing insights from Graph-Massivizer, a Horizon Europe project. Additionally, we're looking forward to many interesting discussions around knowledge graphs and how they can support and showcase the value of data for busniess use cases across diverse industry sectors.


About the event


The Data Spaces Symposium is set to reconvene at Darmstadtium, Frankfurt Region on March 12-14. Organized by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) and the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), this symposium is a pivotal gathering for those at the forefront of data space innovation and strategy. It serves as a platform to showcase the latest market-ready use cases, advanced technology solutions for existing and emerging data spaces, and the essential work done by the DSSC in crafting a foundational blueprint for common European data spaces, aligning with the European Data Strategy.