Drug Development & Drug Repurposing


Customers in Pharma & Life Sciences tell us:


"We have questions...


How can we speed up the process of developing new therapies while ensuring drug safety and efficiency?

Which existing compounds can we repurpose to treat new diseases?

Which diseases and drugs should we be focusing on as we plan our portfolio for the next five years?

How can we leverage all the research available to us to save costs?


...and we have data...


Proprietary data: Detailed research on developed and tested compounds, successful drugs and abandoned trials, protein targets of tested compounds, pre-clinical and clinical trial setups, dosages and side effects…

Public data: Additional details on compounds, drugs, diseases, genetic associations, proteins and their coding genes, drug targets…


...but we're missing insights"

Integration of data available in heterogeneous formats and across multiple business units is cumbersome.

End users struggle to extract meaningful insights from data sources and often require the help of IT departments.

Analyses are not reusable when business use cases and user needs change.

Highly dynamic research environments with high data velocity result in frequent data updates and data consistency issues.

Knowledge Graph-driven, F.A.I.R data applications for Life Sciences & Pharma

Powered by metaphactory & GraphDB

metaphactory and GraphDB allow you to create large, highly interconnected knowledge graphs and expose data to your end users through an intuitive business application.

With our joint solution you can:

Experience data in context
Deliver meaningful and actionable insights
Empower end users
Adapt as you go
Drive digital transformation



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