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Generate Value from Your Knowledge Graph in Days


Sebastian Schmidt, Todor Primov


In this webinar, metaphacts and Ontotext present an approach to accelerate your Knowledge Graph journey and help you generate value from your Knowledge Graph within a matter of days.

Webinar overview

Large enterprises have identified Knowledge Graphs as the foundation for making data FAIR and unlocking the value of their data assets. Data fabrics built on FAIR data drive digital transformation initiatives that put companies ahead of the competition. But while the benefits of Knowledge Graphs have become clear, the road to implementation has often been long and complex, and success has relied on the involvement of seasoned knowledge graph experts.

This webinar highlights how combining GraphDB and metaphactory brings together:

  • curated and open datasets, which can be enriched with additional internal data sources;
  • data virtualization, which can help you combine local graph data with data residing in SQL systems into a performant data architecture;
  • visual knowledge graph modeling, which transforms ontology engineering into a streamlined, end-to-end process involving all relevant stakeholders; and
  • a low-code approach for building user-friendly search, exploration, visualization, and data editing interfaces.

In a live demo around clinical trial scoping, you will learn how a pharmaceutical organization has leveraged metaphactory on top of GraphDB to build a user-oriented dashboard that brings together data on hundreds of thousands of clinical studies, investigators, sites, medical conditions, and their symptoms, drugs, common adverse effects, etc. Clinical study managers can use this dashboard to identify the optimal site for their study by looking at available institutions and their locations, the subjects available in each respective area, the indications commonly studied at these institutions, the investigators working at these institutions, their experience with the medical condition at hand, the common study size and the average number of studies per year for each investigator, etc.

Our approach is currently being used productively in numerous customer implementations in Pharma & Life Sciences, Engineering & Manufacturing, News & Media, Financial Services, as well as the Cultural Heritage sector. It has helped our customers successfully adopt Knowledge Graphs as a strategic tool to drive digital transformation across a variety of use cases and has led to significant boosts in productivity, cost reductions, and efficiency optimization.

Watch the webinar recording here »


Sebastian Schmidt - Co-CEO, metaphacts
Todor Primov - Head of Research and Innovation, Ontotext