metaphacts at GraphSys'23

metaphacts is represented by its founder Peter Haase in the program committee at GraphSys'23, coming up on April 15 in the beautiful Quinta das Lágrimas Hotel (Coimbra, Portugal).


metaphacts Contribution at GraphSys'23




We contribute a Publication with the title "metaphactory for Massive Graphs". This publication is about our platform metaphactory that enables scientists and domain experts to build semantic knowledge graphs and easily and efficiently. metaphactory uses standards such as RDF, OWL, SKOS, SHACL, and others to provide a flexible endpoint to interact with graphs of varying complexity and expressivity.


metaphactory supports integration and infrastructure consolidation for components developed in the Graph-Massivizer project. Additionally, the platform will use a toolkit developed in the project to process very large graphs without sacrificing sustainability.


This publication provides a detailed description of how metaphactory supports large-scale graph processing in the Graph-Massivizer project and outlines the current efforts to increase capabilities to support future work.