metaphacts at GraphSys'24

We're looking forward to GraphSys'24, the second workshop on serverless, extreme-scale and sustainable graph processing systems and coming up on May 11 in London.


metaphacts Contribution at GraphSys'24


At the workshop, Aaron Eberhart, Research Engineer at metaphacts, will be presenting a publication on Building Massive Knowledge Graphs using an Automated ETL Pipeline. The paper describes how to build a massive knowledge graph from existing information or external sources in a repeatable and scalable manner. It outlines the process step-by-step and discusses how the Graph-Massivizer project supports the development of large knowledge graphs and the considerations necessary for replication.


The Graph-Massivizer project is investigating solutions for scalable massive graph processing and aims to develop algorithms that can efficiently handle massive graphs with billions of vertices and edges. Ultimately, this will support a climate-neutral and sustainable economy based on graph data.