KnowGraphs: Building scalable Knowledge Graphs

metaphacts is an associated partner in the KnowGraphs research project. The main goal of KnowGraphs is to scale Knowledge Graphs to be accessible to a wide audience of users across multiple domains including companies of all sizes in domains such as Industry 4.0, bio-medicine, finance, law, as well as end users (e.g., through personal assistants and web search). Addressing this goal demands a mix of works from the theoretical foundations to the exploitation and economic repercussions of Knowledge Graphs.

KnowGraphs focuses on addressing four of the facets of Knowledge Graph management: representation, construction and maintenance, operation and exploitation. The project will address these pillars by researching and developing novel methods, models and frameworks using a cross-disciplinary mix of methods from Web Science, Data Science, Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Engineering, Big Data, data law, and business innovation. The results will be applied across sectors, i.e., in domains including personalized medicine, Industry 4.0, question answering, personal assistants and Web search.