metaphactory 4.0 Introduces Visual Ontology Modeling for Domain Experts and Business Users

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of metaphactory 4.0 - a major release that delivers groundbreaking Knowledge Graph Asset Management capabilities with particular focus on ontologies.


Knowledge Graph Asset Management refers to an integrated process where all Knowledge Graph-related assets - ontologies, vocabularies, datasets, mappings, queries, rules and UI templates - and their relations are treated and managed within the Knowledge Graph itself.


With its visual ontology editor, metaphactory 4.0 transforms ontology modeling into a streamlined, end-to-end experience. It allows all relevant stakeholders - from knowledge graph experts and ontology engineers to domain experts and business users - to equally contribute to the ontology engineering process, while eliminating obstacles such as external expert tools, media-breaks, or synchronization issues. The visual ontology editor lowers the overall cost of knowledge graph creation and significantly accelerates the adoption of Knowledge Graphs as a strategic tool to drive digital transformation.

Ontology Modeling & Management

*New* Visual Ontology Modeling


The visual ontology editor delivers a user-friendly environment for ontology exploration, visualization, editing and documentation, based on a visual language. The visual language translates to core elements of OWL and SHACL and results in an ontology based on open modelling and validation language W3C standards. With a single click the ontology can be used to validate the knowledge graph data or to drive the logic of business applications.


The visual language supports an agile and iterative process in which all stakeholders can work together to define and continuously improve ontologies. This approach to ontology modeling does not only significantly accelerate the modeling process, but it also improves the quality of models and ensures early buy-in from the relevant stakeholders who are later expected to contribute data to or consume data from the Knowledge Graph.


In this blog post you can learn more about ontology modeling in metaphactory 4.0 »


*New* Ontology Versioning


Ontologies and changes to the ontology can be versioned through Git integration. This enables the seamless embedding of ontology modeling into governance and CI/CD processes.


*New* Ontology Catalog


The Ontology Catalog features capabilities to import, create, manage metadata for, and search ontologies. The catalog improves access to ontologies across the organization, fosters reuse and helps to build governance processes that scale across individual projects in an organization.

Other metaphactory 4.0 highlights

  • Improved integration with GraphDB and Stardog - This allows Knowledge Graph experts and data stewards to invoke database native SHACL validation, while data validation reports can be managed, visualized and inspected in metaphactory.
  • Improved low-code template editor - This supports application developers and is based on a modern, state-of-the art code editor (Monaco editor, which also drives Visual Studio Code). It provides a smoother editing experience with intelligent features such as on-hover information, auto-completion, and syntax validation. It also provides an outlook on upcoming new features, such as component diagnostics and code formatting (currently experimental).
  • Major update of frontend libraries - This provides developers access to latest features and styles from React Bootstrap and Bootstrap version 4.


Have a look at the release notes or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this release.


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