metaphactory 4.3 delivers new pathfinding interface for investigative knowledge graph exploration & targeted problem solving

We're happy to announce the release of metaphactory 4.3 which comes with a new, intuitive pathfinding interface that supports end users both in exploratively investigating relations between nodes in a graph as well as finding targeted solutions to concrete problems.

The Pathfinder component provides great customization flexibility and allows application engineers to tailor the configuration for specific use cases. For example, they may set up the pathfinding interface to allow end users to discover interesting relations between two entities in the graph over a user-defined number of hops and by excluding certain relations that are not relevant, or they may configure the component to find the shortest path and to only consider certain kinds of edges. To learn more about the new pathfinding interface, have a look at our latest blog post »


Other features & improvements 4.3

  • Extensions to the semantic form component allowing for the creation and modification of native RDF list structures
  • Enhancements to user interaction and experience in search interfaces
  • Multiple extensions and improvements to the application building process, including support for composable ACL role fragments, new front-end templating helper functions, comprehensive documentation of events, enhancements to the configuration wizards, and improved default configuration for query and connection timeouts, alongside major improvements to the resilience and scalability of the federation engine
  • Improved auto-layouting for larger Ontodia-based graph visualizations
  • Various improvements including fixes to several rendering and browser compatibility issues in the visual ontology editor, and improved support for RDFox

Have a look at the release notes or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this release.


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