AWS Marketplace lists metaphactory as first Graph Data Management Solution and references joint success story at Siemens Gas and Power

We are excited to announce that metaphactory is now available as the first solution for graph data management on AWS Marketplace.

On the solution page you can learn about our joint metaphactory and Amazon Neptune success story at Siemens Gas and Power. The gas turbines of Siemens Gas and Power are used worldwide in different environments and with customer specific configurations. Managing a broad variety of spare parts and configurations for each turbine is a challenge. metaphactory and Amazon Neptune enabled Siemens Gas and Power to rapidly build a Turbine Knowledge Graph and visualize the connections between similar parts across the entire fleet. With metaphactory, we enabled them to identify and manage spare parts efficiently, saving up to 1500 hours of manual effort per year.


"The key advantage of metaphactory was that we could easily visualize our data during development for early feedback from the business allowing data quality improvements, and fast and target-focused development of our data model and application", says Paul Zolnowski, Section Lead - Post Documentation, Siemens Gas and Power.


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