BioTechX 2022

metaphacts is a Bronze sponsor at this year's BioTechX conference, Europe's largest congress covering diagnostics, precision medicine and digital transformation in pharmaceutical development and healthcare. The conference will take place on Nov 8-10, 2022 at the Basel Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland.


metaphacts contribution


On-site booth

You will find us on the event floor at booth 39 where we look forward to speaking with you, learning more about your use cases and discussing how Knowledge Graphs could help accelerate your initiatives.


On-site presentation

Title: Building a decision intelligence platform for pre-clinical & clinical research
Speaker: Sebastian Schmidt, CEO, metaphacts
Date & time: November 9, 2022 at 3:30 pm.
Abstract: Extracting, sharing and reusing actionable insights from the ever-increasing amounts of proprietary and publicly available data are challenges faced by most pharma companies today. These challenges often prevent organizations from identifying and capitalizing on promising opportunities. In this session, we will demonstrate how pharma companies can build a decision intelligence platform that helps bridge the gap between the pre-clinical and clinical domain. Such a platform enables end users to interact with huge volumes of data, use and reuse the knowledge that becomes explicit through a graph approach, and surface meaningful insights that foster collaboration across functions and help streamline processes from R&D to clinical to manufacturing and market access.