metaphacts at The Knowledge Graph Conference 2022

We're looking forward to the Knowledge Graph Conference, coming up on May 2-6 in both the beautiful Cornell Tech campus (New York, NY, United States) and globally online.


The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) bridges the gap between industry - which is increasingly recognizing the necessity of integrated data, and academia - where semantic technology has been developing for over twenty years. The goals of the conference are to showcase major knowledge graph implementations, to educate on how knowledge graphs are built, maintained and used, and to develop a community around technology leaders.

To learn more about the event please visit the conference website »


metaphacts Contribution at KGC 2022


  • On-site presence: You will find us on-site on the Cornell Tech campus (look for the orange T-Shirts!) where we look forward to speaking with you, learning more about your use cases and discussing how a Knowledge Graph can help accelerate your initiatives.
  • On-site tutorial: In our tutorial on Monday, May 2 at 1:00 pm EST, Ademar Crotti (Senior Technical Consultant at metaphacts) will demonstrate how metaphactory can help customers drive knowledge democratization. Participants will have a chance to experience our approach to knowledge graph modeling live. This approach is based on metaphactory's visual and user-friendly interface for creating, exploring, visualizing, editing and documenting knowledge graph assets such as ontologies, taxonomies or data catalogs.