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Next-Generation CPQ Tooling for Sales Enablement


Sebastian Schmidt


Providing prospective customers with tailored offers that fit their needs, cater to their budget, and are delivered in a timely manner is critical to business success.


In this talk held at the Ontotext Knowledge Graph Forum 2022, we introduced an innovative solution that supports sales employees in configuring, pricing, and quoting (CPQ) complex products tailored to meet specific customer requirements.


The solution is driven by a knowledge graph foundation, where knowledge that was previously hidden in sales experts' minds or hard-coded within proprietary tools becomes explicitly available and accessible to all relevant stakeholders - from sales and pre-sales employees to product managers and service engineers. With this solution, users go from having to spend hours manually reviewing available options and tediously assembling quotes, to a streamlined process that delivers an appropriate quote within seconds and allows them to spend more time on value-adding tasks.