Upcoming Webinar: Graph path search with GraphDB 9.9 and metaphactory 4.3

We're happy to announce our next joint webinar with Ontotext where Tomas Kovachev (Software Developer, Ontotext) will provide a hands-on tutorial on how GraphDB supports exploring paths between nodes and Sebastian Schmidt (CEO, metaphacts) will demonstrate how the new graph path search algorithm available in GraphDB 9.9 can be exposed to end users with the upcoming metaphactory 4.3 release.


In this webinar, we will explain why graph path search is a computationally expensive task and will present the graph path search implementation in GraphDB. Tomas will compare how the different RDF and property graph databases implement it and will dive into how GraphDB extends the SPARQL 1.1 standard to fully support all significant graph path search use cases.


In the second part of the webinar, we will demonstrate how metaphactory uses the new graph path search algorithm available in GraphDB 9.9 in a specific use case taken from the clinical trial domain. Sebastian will show how a researcher can find connections between study investigators and various other resources, like targets and diseases, which will allow them to further investigate discovered studies or medications.


The webinar will be hosted by Ontotext and will take place on September 16, 2021 at 5 pm CET. Here you can learn more about this webinar »


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