Geomarketing driven by Knowledge Graphs - metaphacts at CeBIT 2017

As a member of the GEISER consortium, metaphacts will be exhibiting and showcasing its solution for data-driven geomarketing at CeBiT 2017, held in Hannover, Germany on March 20-24.


As part of the GEISER project and in collaboration with YellowMap, the Frauenhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems and the University of Leipzig, metaphacts has developed an innovative system where geospatial data is used as raw material for intelligent, location-based services. The system delivers great promise for supporting small and medium-sized businesses and retailers in linking sensor data with Social Media data, Open Data, forums, websites and internal customer data, so as to improve their advertising and marketing strategies.


A concrete use case where Twitter data is abstracted and contextualized through the integration with the Wikidata Knowledge graph, so as to enable businesses to formulate precise information needs and conduct accurate queries, will be showcased at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy booth at CeBIT. In this particular use case, small and medium-sized businesses are able to identify the events taking place in a given region and during a particular timeframe, and, thus, can create targeted advertising campaigns for these events. To learn more about data-driven geomarketing please visit our use case page »


To learn more about metaphacts and our solutions, visit us at CeBIT at booth C40 in hall 6! We look forward to seeing you there! To schedule a meeting during the event, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.