Graph-Massivizer promotes climate-neutral and sustainable economic sectors boosted by graph data processing

The Graph-Massivizer project consortium is happy to announce the official start of this European initiative, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe research and innovation program. Graph-Massivizer aims at delivering open-source and commercial solutions that drive green digital transformation across use cases in finance, manufacturing, environment protection and exascale computing.


Leveraging graph data through an efficient and scalable digital infrastructure driving green digital transformation

Graphs are data structures that represent real-world and digital objects and their relations. In an increasingly complex world, graphs can be a useful tool to intuitively model and represent complex scenarios and systems such as social or economic networks or digital twins.


Over the last decade, graphs have made great advances in making data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. For many organizations, they have become a key instrument for extracting meaningful insights that support timely, high-impact decisions. On a larger scale, graphs are becoming crucial to innovation, competition, and prosperity, as they can help to derive trustworthy insights for creating sustainable communities and to support digital transformation with better, more profitable, and greener products and services. However, current graph processing platforms come with various limitations, ranging from high energy consumption and inefficiency and lack of support for diverse workloads, models, languages, and algebraic frameworks to the difficulty of use for non-experts.


Graph-Massivizer addresses these challenges by delivering an integrated toolkit to support a climate-neutral and sustainable economy based on graph data. The project partners will develop five open-source software tools for high-performance, scalable, and sustainable graph processing, as well as an enterprise-class commercial version based on the metaphactory knowledge graph platform that tightly integrates the tools in an easy-to-use-and-deploy offering to reach a broader market share.

Ambitious green use case validation in finance, environment protection, manufacturing, and high-performance computing sectors

To ensure applicability and scalability in real-world scenarios and the feasibility of commercial solutions developed on top of metaphactory as a result of the Graph-Massivizer Project, the project partners will validate the innovative toolkit on four use cases that cover the economic, societal and environmental sustainability pillars:

  • sustainable green finance,
  • global environment protection foresight,
  • green artificial intelligence (AI) for the sustainable automotive industry, and
  • data centre digital twin for exascale computing.

These use cases tackle extreme data processing and massive graph analytics challenges and are a perfect fit for the Graph-Massivizer toolkit.


Across these use cases, Graph-Massivizer aims to improve analytics efficiency by 70% and energy awareness for extract-transform-load (ETL) storage operations by 30%. Furthermore, it aims to demonstrate a possible two-fold improvement in data centre energy efficiency and over 25% lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for basic graph operations.


"My vision for Graph-Massivizer is to enable a worldwide Sustainability Graph, a universal abstraction that captures, combines, models, analyses and processes knowledge about our economic, societal and environmental world. The project will contribute to this vision by providing a technological solution, coupled with field experiments and experience-sharing for a high-performance and sustainable graph processing of extreme data with a proper response for any need and organisational size by 2030," commented the project coordinator Radu Prodan from the University of Klagenfurt.


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