metaphacts is included in KMWorld's 2023 list of 100 companies that matter most in knowledge management

We're happy to announce that metaphacts has been included in KMWorld's 2023 list of 100 companies that matter most in knowledge management - a list of knowledge management companies whose offerings are targeted at helping organizations expand their use of information and knowledge and accelerate their growth.


"The increasing power of augmented and artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, semantic layering, knowledge graphs, cloud computing, chatbots, text analytics, and more has revolutionized many aspects of KM," said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld. "Putting together the list of 100 companies that matter in KM causes us to look at companies with pioneering solutions. We applaud innovation, agility, and a focus on the customer. We are excited about the future."


This year's list published by KMWorld reflects the need to provide knowledge workers with tools that support scalable, data-driven business decisions, an aspect that most organizations still struggle with today but which can be addressed using solutions that combine the power of knowledge graphs, machine learning and AI.


metaphactory supports organizations on their journey to drive smart business decisions with actionable knowledge. With its low-code knowledge management capabilities, it supports semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge generation and enables on-demand citizen access to consumable, contextual, and actionable knowledge through intuitive semantic search, exploration, and discovery interfaces.

Semantic knowledge modeling is key

With metaphactory, customers empower domain experts and business users to explicitly capture domain-specific knowledge across functions and use cases, while collaborating with ontologists and taxonomists to ensure technical soundness of the assets.


Knowledge becomes a human-understandable and machine-executable shared asset that can be consumed by all relevant people, processes, or tools in the enterprise. This knowledge helps streamline processes, reduce clutter, yield accurate search results, and power traceable and sustainable business decisions.

Enriching explicit knowledge with derived knowledge

This explicit knowledge can be enriched with knowledge learned or derived via machine learning, reasoning, or other techniques. By enriching the semantic knowledge model with information on decision models, metaphactory enables decision makers to move from repetitive daily decisions to a decision intelligence solution that does not only provide deep, contextual analytics but also decision support, continuous intelligence, and decision automation.


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