IIDI - Intelligent information services for domain-specific Web portals

Obtaining relevant information on technological and market developments quickly and in a targeted manner is becoming an increasingly important success factor for companies and their technology and innovation management (TIM). However, dynamic technological change coupled with an exponentially growing flood of information is presenting companies with major challenges. For example, employees in most innovation-related jobs spend five to ten hours a week researching relevant information.

The main goal of the IIDI research project is to develop specialized, reusable and extensible functional digital services that can be modularly orchestrated as needed and can support, e.g., data aggregation, preprocessing, or semantic text analysis. These information services will be enriched with ML processes and can integrated into Web portals to deliver relevant information to end users in a timely manner. As an application area, the IIDI research project will focus on the domain of hydrogen technology for smart city portals.

metaphacts has a leading role in the IIDI project as a technology and integration partner. The metaphactory platform is central to the overall architecture of the solution to be developed and piloted.