KIRA: AI methods for optimized control of electric traction drives

The market for electrically powered vehicles is steadily growing and will play a central role in reaching climate neutrality. However, the limited range of electric vehicles remains a major obstacle for many customers. In addition to the use of increasingly large, resource-intensive batteries, the efficient use of the available energy is an alternative way to increase this range.


The KIRA project aims to improve the operation of electric traction drives through the use of AI-based methods. To this end, the project consortium is working towards developing innovative control and activation concepts that will lead to an increase in efficiency, an increase in power density, a reduction in noise development, and an increase in torque accuracy.


As part of the KIRA project, metaphacts will focus on the formal representation of domain-specific knowledge using knowledge graphs for improved model building. Knowledge graphs allow for explicit knowledge representation at a conceptual level and provide the basis for the development of components needed to deliver explainable AI. metaphacts develops hybrid approaches for the integration of ML-based methodologies with knowledge representation.