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KGC 2023 Masterclass: Semantic Knowledge Modeling for Domain Experts and Business Users


Dr. Ademar Crotti Jr.


Knowledge Graphs drive modern data fabrics, enabling frictionless access to and sharing of data. They have led to great advances in terms of data integration, interoperability and accessibility, and are a key instrument for transforming data into valuable and actionable knowledge. But while the benefits of knowledge graphs have become clear, the road to their implementation has often been long and complex and success has relied on the involvement of seasoned knowledge graph experts. For example, most ontology modeling tools available today target the ontology engineer, thus excluding domain experts and common business users from this process.

Topics covered

In this masterclass, we will present a new approach to semantic knowledge modeling based on metaphactory's visual and user-friendly interface for creating, exploring, visualizing, editing and documenting knowledge graph assets such as ontologies, taxonomies and instance data. The visual language translates to core elements of OWL, SHACL, SKOS and RDF, and results in knowledge graph assets based on open and flexible W3C standards.


Specifically, this masterclass will cover:

  • Visual creation of OWL/SHACL ontologies which allows business users and domain experts to contribute to the ontology engineering process
  • Creation and management of SKOS taxonomies which allows business users and domain experts to capture business-relevant terms in organized vocabularies
  • Data catalog integration - Creation, management and import of existing dataset metadata at integration time
  • Creating model-driven data curation interfaces
  • Creating model-driven search interfaces


With this approach, creating a knowledge graph becomes a streamlined, end-to-end process where all relevant stakeholders are equally involved. This enables true knowledge democratization by connecting knowledge modeling, knowledge description, knowledge generation, and knowledge consumption under one umbrella.