Knowledge Prompting Hackathon

metaphacts is a gold sponsor at this year's Knowledge Prompting Hackathon coming up on August 7-10, 2023 in London, UK.


The Knowledge Prompting Hackathon will bring together researchers and practitioners with an interest in using the latest advances in pre-trained language models (PLMs) and generative AI to create and maintain curated, credible, and trustworthy knowledge graphs.


The hackathon is designed as a collaborative, interdisciplinary sprint-style research activity, in which participants will work in teams to prototype new ideas, methods, tools, and evaluation frameworks around the use of PLMs to produce, access, and share knowledge that people can trust. The gathering is meant to kick-start an interdisciplinary community of interest and practice in deploying advanced AI capabilities to support people in engineering better knowledge graphs for trustworthy, human-centric information services, from search and question answering to recommendations and fact checking.