TU Darmstadt & Sloane Lab Symposium 2023

metaphacts CEO, Sebastian Schmidt will be giving a talk at TU Darmstadt & Sloane Lab's Symposium entitled "Connecting, co-designing, and engaging with digital collections and infrastructures for heritage: challenges and case studies".


Presentation title

Knowledge Management and AI in Cultural Heritage


Presentation abstract

The rapid digitization of cultural artifacts, archival documents, and historical records has led to an exponential growth in the volume of data available to researchers, scholars, historians, and curators. However, the scale, complexity and lack of interoperability of this data pose significant challenges for efficient organization, retrieval and meaningful interpretation.


Advancements in Artificial Intelligence promise to have a transformative impact on the way we deal with these challenges when storing, managing and consuming knowledge. This presentation aims to explore the potential of combining symbolic AI and data-driven AI to drive knowledge management solutions for capturing, preserving, analyzing, and disseminating cultural artifacts and collections.


In this presentation, we will

  • Discuss how using symbolic AI to explicitly capture domain knowledge in a semantic model helps to provide contextual richness to data - making it human- and machine-understandable and complementing data-driven AI solutions by building a comprehensive layer of trust
  • Introduce metaphactory's visual and user-friendly interface for semantic knowledge modeling which allows both expert users and domain experts to actively contribute to the modeling process
  • Highlight how metaphactory can be leveraged to enhance the efficiency of managing vast collections through model-driven instance data authoring but also facilitate knowledge discovery using model-driven search, exploration and visualization interfaces