metaphactory 3.5 caters to end users, developers and knowledge graph experts with new search, federation and visual graph interaction features

We are proud to announce the release of metaphactory 3.5 which features exciting, user-centric search, federation and visual graph interaction components. These new components cater to user needs across all platform target user groups: end users, developers focused on building end-user oriented applications, as well as knowledge graph experts.

Flexibility in addressing hybrid information needs

The new search component introduced in metaphactory 3.5 aims to empower end users and deliver more flexibility in addressing hybrid information needs. The component supports simplified interaction with the data by allowing end users to combine keyword searches with type-based queries. Results can be visualized and explored flexibly and in context, with end users able to specify which properties should be visualized based on their relevance and the users' personal needs.


The release also comes with multiple benefits for developers, who can easily configure and customize the new search component.

Ubiquitous access to federation services

We are committed to helping our customers extract value from their pool of distributed, heterogeneous data sources. Our federation engine Ephedra addresses hybrid information needs across multiple dimensions by providing a flexible, declarative mechanism for including hybrid services into a SPARQL federation. With metaphactory 3.5, application developers benefit from ubiquitous access to federation services in all queries. This simplifies setup and makes configuration straightforward for template pages.

Contextualized, user-centric visual graph interaction

The Knowledge Graph bar introduced in metaphactory 3.5 allows for customized user views depending on user roles and access permissions. End users benefit from a fully customized, intuitive interface that hides technical elements and complexity, while developers can switch their view as needed for technical inspection. Expert users have access to visual graph views that are accessible in the same place but provide meaningful contextualization.

Other highlights in metaphactory 3.5

  • Other noteworthy features and improvements released in metaphactory 3.5 include:
  • Keyword lookup service
  • Auto-suggestions in SPARQL editor
  • Graph visualization in SPARQL editor
  • Auto-generated forms from SHACL shapes (experimental)
  • Ordering in authoring forms
  • Support for JWT authentication / AWS Cognito
  • Improved handlebars template processing / nesting
  • New features in form-based search (conjunctive / disjunctive patterns)
  • Improved OpenRefine integration


Have a look at the release notes or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this release.


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