metaphactory 3.6 introduces new components and enhancements for a richer user experience

With every product release we strive to deliver new features and improvements that tackle real-world challenges and customer pain points. metaphactory 3.6 introduces a series of new components and enhancements that address end-user requirements and focus on providing a more intuitive user experience and user interaction:


  • Knowledge Panel introduction - a new component to support in-page exploration of knowledge graph resources. The Knowledge Panel is available from all metaphactory exploration and visualization components, allowing end users to quickly dive deeper and explore individual resources from an overview.
  • A new semantic table component with support for grouping and column filtering to allow for a richer user experience.
  • Field dependencies in the semantic form component to support streamlined search and authoring processes for end users.
  • Elasticsearch integration to allow users to query for Elasticsearch resources directly from the Knowledge Graph.
  • Slicker design of the Ontodia graph visualization component.


The new components and product improvements offer more flexibility for developers building knowledge graph applications, and support them in delivering truly end-user oriented solutions. metaphactory 3.6 also comes with a variety of more technical enhancements which deliver additional benefits for developers and expert users:


  • Documentation improvements to provide developers and expert users with a better learning and support experience. This includes a semantic search component guiding users through the documentation; multiple new and reusable examples for product features; simpler configuration of components through abstraction over database specifics by using the Lookup Service.
  • Support for SPARQL* and RDF*, including support for RDF4J, GraphDB and Stardog dialects of the query results format and integration into frontend components.


Have a look at the release notes or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this release.


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