metaphactory 4.5 supports tight interlinking between ontologies and vocabularies

We are happy to announce the release of metaphactory 4.5 which delivers tight interlinking between ontologies and vocabularies, a new faceted filtering component, as well as multiple other improvements to vocabulary management and data authoring.


Interlinked Knowledge Graph Assets

Already with version 4.4, metaphactory allowed customers to create truly interconnected knowledge graphs by supporting the management of ontologies, vocabularies and dataset descriptions together with actual instance data. metaphactory 4.5 delivers an even tighter integration between ontologies and vocabularies by allowing knowledge graph engineers to link classes in the ontology editor to controlled vocabularies. This simplifies the communication between stakeholders and eases the application building process (e.g., semantic input forms). In addition, it enables data stewards to ensure and monitor data quality and consistency.

Other features and improvements in metaphactory 4.5

  • New faceted filtering component that delivers a unified search experience for end users, incl. new facet breadcrumbs, multiple sorting options, ability to keep inactive facets visible to end users, support for multiple open facets simultaneously, event system integration, ability to group facets flexibly, pre-selection of facet values
  • Extensions to vocabulary management features, incl. support for managing term collections in the SKOS vocabulary editor
  • Advancements to the data authoring process allowing for bulk editing of instance data, for example, from a table selection
  • Improvements to the design system, incl. alignment of key elements and adjustments to ensure responsiveness across devices

Have a look at the release notes or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this release.


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