metaphactory 4.8 delivers new features and improvements to semantic knowledge modeling

We are excited to announce the release of metaphactory 4.8, which delivers a number of new features and improvements to its semantic knowledge modeling capabilities, as well as new chart types and charting features and support for more flexible input formats for federated data access.


Improved ontology and vocabulary management

With metaphactory 4.8, business users, knowledge graph engineers and application engineers equally benefit from new templates for publishing class information as well as relations and attributes, as modeled within the ontologies. This provides a more comprehensive and coherent view for documentation, publishing and exploration purposes. Additionally, the new templates provide out-of–the-box access to instance data management, which will facilitate the task of model-driven knowledge graph building and maintenance.


Additional new features related to metaphactory's knowledge graph engineering capabilities include:


  • Local/per-relation based vocabulary restrictions - Vocabulary restrictions as introduced in metaphactory 4.5 can now alternatively be visually modeled in a local context, per relation. This allows for a higher level of precision in modeling and supports different vocabulary restrictions for one class in various contexts.
  • The ability to copy diagrams along with the ontology when copying and transforming an ontology to a new identity.
  • Improved ontology export/prefix handling
  • Support for multiple Git repositories
  • Ability to manage vocabulary terms as instances of ontology classes to support augmentation of terms with domain- or application-specific knowledge
  • Various improvements to the overall vocabulary management user experience, incl. simplified term navigation and better UX for editing and moving terms within the term hierarchy


Other extensions and improvements in metaphactory 4.8

  • New chart types and charting features - Application engineers now have low-code access to various new chart types (streamgraph, sunburst, sankey, network graph, dependency wheel, packed bubble chart, tree map, heatmap) and other charting features, which will make it even easier to provide insightful data views to business users. End users, furthermore, benefit from new default color schemes and other UX improvements.
  • Support for more flexible input formats for data federation, which allows for an easier integration of data from external REST services

Have a look at the release notes or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this release.


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