BioTechX 2023

metaphacts is a Silver sponsor at this year's BioTechX conference, Europe's largest biotechnology congress, bridging the gap between pharma, academia and clinicians to foster meaningful collaborations. The conference will take place on October 4-6, 2023 at the Basel Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland.


metaphacts contribution


On-site booth

You will find us on the event floor at booth 404 where we look forward to speaking with you, learning more about your use cases and discussing how Knowledge Graphs could help accelerate your initiatives.


On-site presentations


Accelerate Smart Decisions for Pharma with Knowledge Graphs and Artificial Intelligence


Extracting, applying and reusing knowledge from proprietary and public data sources are challenges faced by most pharma companies today. With metaphactory, pharma customers empower their SMEs to collaboratively build a semantic model that captures their domain knowledge and expertise, while also tying in public ontologies and vocabularies. Proprietary data is mapped to the semantic model, enriched with public data sources, and made available to end users via powerful interfaces that leverage the underlying model and other AI techniques (incl. ML and LLMs) to deliver actionable, traceable and explainable insights. This enables users to interact with large volumes of data, use and reuse knowledge, extract insights that drive smart decisions faster, and accelerate processes from R&D to preclinical and clinical, all the way to manufacturing and market access.


Date & time: October 4, 2:50 pm CET

Speaker: Sebastian Schmidt, CEO, metaphacts


From symbolic AI to generative AI and back: new knowledge discovery workflows for text and structured data sources


Artificial intelligence is on everyone's mind - especially since ChatGPT hit the world. While generative AI opens up seemingly endless new possibilities, the limitations, especially for scientific work, are now well known. With the Dimensions AI Assistant,Digital Science brings its first discovery solution that uses generative AI, always in direct connection with the scientific literature to gain insights in a reliable way. Thus, control remains with the users, which is the basis for responsible use of this new technology. In the future, the link with classic symbolic AI, such as in our Dimensions Knowledge Graph, will also play a major role. Here, curated knowledge is combined with generative AI, making it easier and more effective to discover such scientific literature containing the secrets drug developers are looking for.


Date & time: October 4, 5:05 pm CET

Speaker: Peter Dörr, Senior Vice President, Digital Science


Other interesting sessions

We're looking forward to Cedric Berger and Marcel Merfort's presentation on "An approach of monitoring business value delivery in Roche using Knowledge Graphs" on October 4, 2:30 pm CET. Learn more »