metaphacts is a gold sponsor at this years SEMANTiCS conference, coming up September 20- 22, 2023 in Leipzig Germany.


metaphacts contribution


Pre-conference interview


This SEMANTiCS pre-conference interview touches on what we're most excited about as a sponsor of this year's conference, our vision for metaphactory and our thoughts on the increasingly AI-powered business environment. Read interview »


On-site booth


Details to be announced.


On-site sponsor presentation


Semantic Models - The brains behind explainable and trustworthy data-driven business decisions


Semantic models, or ontologies, are essential for building knowledge graphs that enable explainable and reliable business decisions. They enrich data with context and meaning, facilitating comprehensive analyses and knowledge discovery. These models drive symbolic AI solutions and can augment data-driven AI with a layer of trust. This talk will introduce metaphactory's visual interface as the gold standard for semantic knowledge modeling and will highlight how metaphactory empowers SMEs and business users to actively participate in and drive the modeling process. It will also cover the integration of semantic models with additional assets, such as vocabularies, enabling data publishing, data curation, semantic search, and use cases like enterprise architecture modeling and business knowledge modeling. Learn more about this session »


Date & time: September 22, 11:00 am

Speaker: Sebastian Schmidt, CEO, metaphacts

Room: Prometheus


Other interesting sessions

We're looking forward to Jannik Wiessler's presentation on "Ontology and Knowledge Graphs for API-Based Search in an Analytics Self-Service App Store" on September 22, 11:30 am CET. Learn more »