metaphacts Presentation at Wikidata Data Reuse Days 2022

On March 21, metaphacts Founder & Director Peter Haase will be giving a presentation at the Wikidata Data Reuse Days 2022.


In this session, Peter will use practical examples to demonstrate how users can build own apps using metaphactory on top of Wikidata. The session will focus on examples for building search, visualization and exploration interfaces, reconciling own data with Wikidata, as well as federating Wikidata with other data sources. To experience metaphactory live and hands-on, you can try our Wikidata live demo or get started with our 14-day trial and have a look at our examples on GitHub.

The Wikidata Data Reuse Days are a series of online gatherings taking place from March 14th to 24th, 2022, focusing on Wikidata data reuse and reusers. With presentations, discussions, editing sprints and more, the main goal of this event is to provide a space to bring together anyone interested in the topic of re-using Wikidata's data. This event is hosted online on Jitsi and is free and open for everyone to join. To participate, you can add yourself to the list of participants.