Team mentored by metaphacts wins MAKEathon challenge

We recently had the opportunity to provide a challenge for the MAKEathon organized by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and were humbled when the team mentored by our representatives won the competition.


The winning team (Jamila Mahler, Dietrich Rordorf, Alfredo Crego, and Josua Käser) used metaphactory to implement a competency cluster finder combining Knowledge Graphs & Machine Learning. Explicitly modeled, well-curated knowledge from the SemOpenAlex knowledge graph in metaphactory was used to drive machine learning and enable trust and traceability for results. Machine learning results were then fed back into the knowledge graph, generating additional knowledge for end users.


The result was a cluster finder that matched previously unknown documents with the expertise held by individuals, allowing users to find experts and potential collaborators in specific fields.


Here you can learn more about the MAKEathon »