Upcoming Webinar: Generate Value from Your Knowledge Graph in Days

We're looking forward to this joint metaphacts and Ontotext webinar where Sebastian Schmidt, Co-CEO at metaphacts and Todor Primov, Head of Research and Innovation at Ontotext will discuss our proven approach that can help you accelerate your Knowledge Graph journey and generate value from your Knowledge Graph within a matter of days.


While the benefits of Knowledge Graphs have become clear, the road to implementation has often been long and complex, and success has relied on the involvement of seasoned knowledge graph experts. In this webinar, we'll use a clinical trial scoping example to highlight how combining GraphDB and metaphactory brings together curated and open datasets, data virtualization, visual knowledge graph modeling, and a low-code approach for building user-friendly search, exploration, visualization, and data editing interfaces. This will demonstrate how our approach can help you transform your Knowledge Graph into a strategic tool to drive digital transformation.


The webinar will be hosted by Ontotext and will take place on March 4, 2021 at 5 pm CET. Here you can learn more about this webinar »


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