Learn. Share. Innovate.

We are committed to shaping our product and services to support our customers' business vision & to match their needs & expectations.

metaphacts Customer Advisory Board

At metaphacts, we value our customers greatly and are committed to shaping our product and services to support their business vision and match their needs and expectations. With the metaphacts Customer Advisory Board, our goal is to broaden our understanding of your strategic goals, business use cases and technology requirements and provide you with a platform where you can voice your ideas, drive innovation and learn about the latest developments in technology.

Our Customer Advisory Board serves as a forum where thought leaders from customer organizations can:

Discuss their goals and pain points in their Knowledge Graph journey
Share their experience in implementing Knowledge Graph projects & the associated challenges & benefits
Learn from other like-minded professionals and get inspired by cutting-edge projects
Gain insights into and contribute their ideas to the metaphacts roadmap
Shape the strategic direction of the metaphactory platform by working with our executive team

Customer Advisory Board membership is awarded to our key customer accounts following an application and review process. Customer Advisory Board members agree to a minimum one-year commitment and authorize metaphacts to mention their participation with name and company or role and company.