metaphacts is featured in article on data management challenges and trends by GEN

In a recent article on data management challenges and trends in biotech and published by GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News), metaphacts COO Daniel Herzig-Sommer spoke about the importance of bringing data together, making it FAIR, and providing solutions that allow end users to consume data intuitively and in context.


The article summarizes multiple interviews with thought leaders in the biotech industry. It focuses on the shift from traditional data management approaches towards solutions that deliver knowledge and actionable insights based on the available data. Knowledge graphs can deliver these insights across data silos and drive knowledge democratization.


Making data reusable and ensuring that data analyses are not a one-time effort is crucial here, since data silos - across functions, departments, enterprises, or institutions - will always exist.


Offering a linked data interface that allows end users to consume data intuitively and in context is another important aspect. Ultimately, this creates the foundation for data-driven decision intelligence solutions that can support and automate sustainable business decisions.


GEN is the flagship publication of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Through its wide specturem of editorial coverage, it provides exclusive reporting, insight, and analysis across the life sciences – from its five foundational pillars of Drug Discovery, Bioprocessing, OMICS, Translational Medicine, and Gene Editing to a new, expanded focus on the emerging areas of Cancer Research, Infectious Diseases, and Artificial Intelligence.


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