metaphacts at BioTechX 2024

metaphacts is a Silver sponsor at this year's BioTechX conference, Europe's largest pharmaceutical development and healthcare event. The conference will take place on October 9-10, 2024 at the Basel Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland.


Opportunities to connect with us


  • At our booth

    You will find us on the event floor at booth 622 where we look forward to speaking with you, learning more about your use cases and discussing how you too can leverage the synergy between knowledge graphs and AI to drive business opportunities across the entire pharma value chain.
  • At our session in the Data Integration + FAIR track

    Harnessing AI to bridge the gap between your data and global research knowledge | Oct 9, 12:05 pm
    Peter Doerr, Director Presales - Solution Architecture and Strategy, metaphacts

    The data needed to create new opportunities and drive decisions is abundant, but it is distributed across heterogeneous sources and lacks the context needed to deliver insights. The Dimensions Knowledge Graph powered by metaphactory combines the power of knowledge graphs and neural AI to make data FAIR and augment and scale business decisions. It delivers a wealth of global research knowledge annotated with millions of semantic concepts and relations extracted from millions of publications, patents, grants and clinical trials. Additionally, it integrates with additional public datasets and public pharma ontologies and vocabularies, and allows customers to connect their internal knowledge from lab reports, clinical studies, omics data collections, drug efficacy studies, patient demographics and other internal documents. Customers benefit from trustworthy, actionable and explainable insights following a human-in-the-loop approach and can accelerate data-driven decision-making across the entire pharma value chain - from R&D and target discovery to clinical research.