metaphacts at SEMANTiCS 2024

metaphacts is a Gold sponsor at the SEMANTiCS Conference - the 20th International Conference on Semantic Systems, coming up on September 17-19 in Amsterdam and globally online.


Opportunities to connect with us


  • At our booth

    You will find us on the exhibit floor, where we look forward to speaking with you, learning more about your use cases and discussing how our products metaphactory and the Dimensions Knowledge Graph can help you accelerate your knowledge graph journey and deliver explainable, AI-powered insights to drive data-driven business decisions.
  • At our presentation

    The Dimensions Knowledge Graph - Leveraging neuro-symbolic AI to accelerate business decisions
    Peter Haase, Chief Scientific Officer, metaphacts

    The data needed to create new opportunities and drive decisions is abundant, but it is distributed across heterogeneous sources and lacks the context needed to deliver insights. The Dimensions Knowledge Graph powered by metaphactory combines the power of symbolic and subsymbolic AI to transform data into knowledge, connect internal data with global research knowledge, and augment and scale business decisions. It is the world’s largest and most comprehensive scientific knowledge graph covering the entire R&D landscape and is designed for seamless integration with other datasets from the public domain, as well as private enterprise data sources.

    In this session, we will discuss applications of the Dimensions Knowledge Graph, with a focus on supporting decision-making processes in research-intensive fields – from literature review, target discovery and streamlining the data flow from R&D to clinical trials in pharma and life sciences, to trend analysis, impact analysis and collaboration networks in the academic space. Specific emphasis will be on how the Dimensions Knowledge Graph can be used to enable trustworthy and explainable AI-based applications in conjunction with LLMs and generative AI.


Attend SEMANTiCS - virtually or on-site

This year's SEMANTiCS Conference will take place at the Meervaart Theatre in Amsterdam and will provide a live virtual stream as well for everyone who cannot make it to the on-site conference.