metaphacts at the 2024 Summer School on AI for Industry 4.0

We are pleased to be sponsoring and supporting this year's Summer School on AI for Industry 4.0, taking place on July 22-26 in Saint-Étienne and São Paulo.


The summer school aims to teach how AI technologies and models can be used to support real-world Industry 4.0 use cases in a resilient and trustful manner.


metaphacts contribution at the summer school

We will be contributing to the the summer school's hackathon by providing a metaphactory-powered knowledge graph about industrial systems, machines, sensors and actuators, which is used to implement a real-world industrial scenario.


The knowledge graph allows for connecting machines and systems across the production process to deliver comprehensive insights for end users.


During the summer school, students, researchers and professionals will be exposed to and learn about all aspects of working with a knowledge graph, from querying to visualizing insights acquired across connected and linked data from systems across the industrial spectrum.